NFL defender jerseys wholesale to help Manning win

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2014 season, Miller tried to find their own nfl jerseys wholesale state in the season 2012. He has 4 games to get two sacks this year, the annual total of 14 sacks in the League sixth, which made him a year later re named occupation bowl, this season also re established his top perimeter guard position.

At the end of the 2014 season, the team made a final decision. Jack – defensive team leader Rio was the main 4-3 formation Raiders dug out when the coach, and the team invited successor, is the main 3-4 formation of Wade – Phillips. Return to the 3-4 formation, Miller can be described as a duck. Second weeks in the face of the Kansas City Chiefs, he got his fiftieth career sacks, achieve this with only 58 games in history third. In this year, Miller had 11 sacks and 4 made off the ball, again in the occupation bowl and NBA team jerseys. But his best performance was left to the playoffs in the American League finals, he captured and killed the new England Patriots quarterback Brady Tom 2.5 times, broke the playoff record in team history, there are 1 key steals, Broncos 2 thrilling final win, Miller is the first hero. In the 2013 season because of injury missed the team’s Super Bowl trip, he finally stood on the Super Bowl stage. Finally he put the fiftieth super bowl has almost become a person of his stage, at the beginning and end of the two sacks made out of a ball for the team to establish the lead, a team to win the match, he also fully deserve for Super Bowl MVP.

The 2016 offseason, Miller was out of contract the Broncos marked star franchise tag, eventually the two sides on a 6 year $114 million 500 thousand, of which 70 million security contract agreement. This makes Miller the first high paid defensive player of the year. The contract negotiations dragged on for a long time, so that Miller’s new season is a step behind the team. But he is still in the state very quickly, in the season second weeks, he was in Indianapolis pony Andrew ruck, who get a single game 3 sacks, Twelfth weeks in the face cheap nfl jerseys online of the Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith, he accomplished this feat. This performance made him a popular defensive player of the year, but in the end of the season, his performance has declined, the last 4 games did not get captured and killed, the team at this time 1 wins and 3 losses, ultimately did not make the playoffs. Despite this, Miller still in this season got 13.5 sacks and 3 made off the ball, third career named NBA team. The best defensive player of the year award, he lost to the Raiders Khalil Mark by one vote.

The 2015 season as the team won the first hero, Miller is also lucky in love. In early 2016, the media finally know Miller’s girlfriend is a famous singer R&B K. Michel, the latter in social networking sites but also several million BeMiller fans. Two celebrity exchanges, even the news hiding for a few months, it can be regarded as a miracle. Interested friends can go to listen to the songs of Michel, though probably not Chinese fans public love type, but it is still relatively popular in the United states.

This is the story of NFL’s first perimeter Guardian von Miller. 2015 season playoffs and Super Bowl performance, so that he was well known. But in fact, Miller’s valiant record not only in this year. Before and after, he also played the league’s top defensive performance.

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