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The 2012 season, while running back nfl jerseys authentic Jamal Charles rushed 1509 yards, but the chiefs of the passing bad, the whole attack ranked last in the league, only 2 wins and 14 losses record. But on the defensive side, Houston grew up to be the star of the team. In the third week in the face of the New Orleans saints in the game, he was in Drew Bracey who once again finished 3 sacks feat, one also caused a security, the game is the Emirates team only two wins in. In this year he finally got 10 sacks 1 times to make out the ball, in the second years of his career in the occupation bowl.

The 2013 season, the chiefs hired coach Andy Reed coached, defensive leader is replaced by Bob Sutton. In the new coaching staff under the guidance of Houston officially become a star, in the opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game, he was arrested and killed Blaine gabert 3 times, two weeks later, in the face of Philadelphia Michael Vick, Houston put the eagle line impact have got Petals drop and waters flow. 4.5 sacks. Unfortunately, at the end of 11, he was ahead of reimbursement due to injury, but the 11 game 11 sacks, enough to scare the chiefs opponents, he in this year again in the occupation bowl.

2013 season injury eventually became Houston in the outbreak of the season in the 2014. At this time, Harry is 31 years old, began to decline, and the perfect acceptance of the top of the hand of the Houston mission. At the end of the 10 face state rivals Saint Louis rams, he captured and killed Austen Davies 3. Ending the war against the San Diego lightning, he was captured and killed Philip Rivers 4. In addition to these two, he still has 4 games 2 sacks, 16 games in only 3 games without sending sacks. The year he got a total of 22 sacks, second single season history of high performance, 22.5 times before the record after Strahan New York giants legend Michael created in the 2001 season. Even the alien JJ- Watt, the best single season is only 20.5. Although in the cheap nfl jerseys wholesale online season’s best defensive players in the selection, Houston lost to Watt, but he was still a mystery for the season’s best team.

So the 2015 offseason, Houston’s rookie contract, Emirates team used the star franchise tag on him, the two sides finally signed a 6 year contract for $101 million, of which 52 million 500 thousand security. Unfortunately, a cruciate ligament injury, affecting the next two seasons Houston play. He was injured in the 2015 season at the end of 11, until 2016 11 at the end of the two season before returning to the game, and played a total of only 16 games, but in the 16 games in which he played, including the classic with the Denver Broncos overtime battle in twelfth weeks, he achieved a single game 3 sacks of performance and in the special place on the Revo – sago.
Houston’s girlfriend named Joe ganel, two people had a son. Janell is a devout Christian, on cheap nike jerseys social networking sites often publish biblical passages, and many of them are “paternity” topic, showing that she is very fancy education of Houston and son’s family is very proud.

This is the story of Houston’s top perimeter guard, Justin. Although he has 6 years of career, but he is now just over the age of 28. At the end of this season, he finally got rid of the injury problems, we look forward to his new season to play the top performance again.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (50) takes the field during run outs during the Sept. 7, 2014 home game against the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs lost 10-26.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (50) takes the field during run outs during the Sept. 7, 2014 home game against the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs lost 10-26.

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