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All shout you just look very hard, everyone in the hoarse roar of life not the eyes,Why do you work hard all the people are trying to find a life so difficult in this way.So, why do largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china

we have to work hard.A wave is more than a wave of strong, do not be taken on the beach after the waves.The Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, a wave of more than a wave of strong. Competitive society, the fight is who is more capable, who is more in the community to a place. Survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest,

you do not work for not rob, the result can only be in circles, so can only look up to someone else’s light. We have heard of this period of time, the world’s most terrible is not better than you, but better than you are still working hard, so why do you not go to fight. Never afraid of a largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
fear is mediocrity.His children hit my child 1, the mouth of the arrogance that does not give you a slap in the face of ten thousand, I have enough qualifications to come up with fifty thousand or one hundred thousand to let the children go back.

This sentence before circulating on the Internet, at first it will feel funny, but in this sentence is hiding is the essence of what it imagine, if you have money, so when someone insults you so insulting your child, you have the fully qualified capital can come up with more money to back. This is not the education of children, violence and vanity, but not willing to let their children or bear so much injustice and harm. Or suppose you have no money situation, when people say, you will be angry at most shouted “money is largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
marvelous,” then secretly children can not see the place crying, you can also choose to let their children to fight back, but then you have to bear what the next claim again, you have no money and no potential with what people fight.

You try to create a better life, your child born environment is also good, he can receive good education, experience more exciting, because the money can not endure hunger and cold, early to see the darkness of the society, he will have more opportunities to do what he wants, and you he has the ability to largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
meet all reasonable requirements. It is proved that children with superior families are more confident and healthy than poor children. Of course, if you have questions or too much education caused his arrogance that said on the other.

I am afraid of the future even the diseases are not born, dreams are not willing to wake up.

Money is not everything, no money is absolutely not. Maybe you will say “money is largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
what is superficial, and even secretly scolding those” I’d rather cry in a BMW, don’t sit on the bike “girl vanity. But you know, you do not have the money may not be terrible, you do not strive to do not know the progress is terrible.

Do you imagine the future of living, plus possible illness accident, aren’t you afraid of the future was sick but dared not go to the hospital if you spend money, you will not be afraid if you really need surgery is surgery to drive you nowhere do the news every day how many poor parents for their children to get sick but no money for treatment, only to earn money or begging, or serious thought of selling blood Kitty, this is being forced by life by money forced ah.

Sometimes facing the pale reality of all the pain, so would rather hide in the largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
dark night, hiding in a beautiful dream, afraid of waking up all back to largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
the pain, you have to face all this suffering. This life is so helpless, is the future you want it

Afraid of the glass to touch all the broken dreams

After many years, when a few friends together, you talk about drinking, drinking and china nike nfl jerseys discussing the dream of many years, their respective sobs choke. The wine glasses together, is broken dreams, the glass fell to the ground, broken pain.

You think you think you have the dream, passionate desire to remind you largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
once in the lights at night in front of the lonely air roar you want into the top five hundred, you will become a good lawyer, you have to wind in the entertainment circle cloud, you have to……

But all is really just a dream and think, you did not go to work hard not largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
to struggle, not to realize the dream, day after day, all is sad. The future is what you want

Afraid to let their parents down, afraid to regret their own.

Recently the fire said nothing more than, “you are still young, afraid of largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
what too late.” Yes ah, we are still young, afraid of what too late, but my dear, we are afraid that parents can not wait. Can’t wait to see our products a day, can not wait for our proud day, not for whom we hold a day a day.

When we are eager to grow up, like adults can decide their own life, but largest discount for cheap nba jerseys china
then when we really grow up, we find that grew up in the world and we think is not the same, and as we grow up at the same time, it is the reality of the helpless. We are beginning to realize that we grow up, parents are old, we began to panic and fear, afraid they can’t see us that day good, afraid he can not provide them a comfortable life, afraid of their old after still worrying about us.

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