Matt Ryan crowned NFL jerseys china season MVP

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2009 season Turner affected by injuries, a nfl jerseys china serious decline in performance. The lack of support for running the ball, Ryan also fell into a trough. But the 2010 season, with Turner back, Ryan’s performance has also been improved, in November against Baltimore crow team in the game, he threw a career first touchdown of 300 yards 3. Ryan, Turner and Roddy White took over the coalition’s top offensive Trident, are selected for the occupation bowl, the Falcons have played top performance at both ends, 13 wins and 3 negative return to the playoffs, but in the divisional playoff lost to the Green Bay packers. The 2011 season, Ryan Turner and White continued to perform in support of the good, the veteran tight end Toni – Gonzales also play in twilight years in. In week second against the Philadelphia hawks, Ryan played the first 4 career touchdown game. Fourteenth weeks against the Carolina Panthers, his 38 pass 22 in 320 yards with 4 touchdowns and 0 steals, set a personal career best performance. The Falcon in this year once again made the playoffs, but again a round trip.

The 2012 season, Julio Jones took over the second grade and grow into a star player, Ryan has been for third consecutive years to improve their performance. In the opener, he will be 31 23 299 yards 3 touchdowns and 0 steals, a total of 7 games all season played 3 touchdown game, the falcons again played 13 wins and 3 losses record. In the contest, the team was 27 to 7 lead, but in the fourth quarter was the Seattle Seahawks three consecutive touchdowns against super (is not deja vu?) But the last time or Ryan to kick the team into the range, complete lore. Although got the first career playoff victory, Ryan was not able to in the next team through 49 people in San Francisco this.
The 2012 season that people began to feel Ryan in the future can really grow into a new nfl jerseys wholesale generation of stars, but that is not the case. 2013 – 2015 of the three years, Ryan’s passing yards is still high, but the number of steals has been high, this also is the most criticized his shortcomings. The 2013 season, a total of only 3 lane a touchdown game, but two games 3 steals. In the 2014 season, his performance has picked up, but not enough to fill the loopholes in the defense team. In the 2015 season, he was only a total of 1 Games in the last year of the year, but in the same game, there were also 3 copies of the game in which he scored a total of 3 games. The offensive team to come up with convincing performance, the defense also a lot of problems, resulting in the falcons in the three years a total of only 18 wins and 30 losses.

Next to the 2016 season, this is coach Dan Quinn and offensive leader Kell Shanahan – in charge for second years, the team in the offseason to introduce free agent center Alex Mark, to fill the offensive team group most of the missing ring. At the same time, Ryan and Shanahan in second years of cooperation also found understanding. As the legendary coach Mike Shanahan’s son, Kell and Ryan together solve Ryan steals too many times the biggest criticism. Without this problem, plus two new aid over Mohammed and Taylor – Gabriel Thanou effort, Ryan played to superstar performance. In the authentic game jerseys against the Panthers around 37, he passed 28 in 503 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 steals, the refresh rate of career best performance. This year, there are 7 games in the array of up to 3 at the same time, he was only a total of 7 copies of the cut. The average income in each hand, each hit number average income code number, passing score, score touchdowns, quarterback rate, average net income per shot number, key data and so on a series of investigation quarterback performance, all NBA first lane. Although the team record is 11 wins and 5 losses and lack of convincing, but Ryan as the absolute best season quarterback, won the regular season MVP the highest personal honor. In the playoffs, his performance is a terrorist, races and National League finals, his two consecutive 300 yard touchdown 3 0 steals, hit rate as high as 70%, the falcons easily scored second super bowl team history. In the super bowl, Ryan also played 23 in 17, 284 yards with 2 touchdowns and 0 steals, the near perfect performance, Falcon was also the lead 28 – 13. Unfortunately, in the fourth quarter, the team defense can not stand against the new England patriots back lane in a captured after killing off the ball out of key. The final complete reversal in overtime to the Patriots, smashed the lane this near perfect season.

Ryan played with top performance in last season, his private life has gained more and more attention. He and his wife Sara (formerly known as the Marshall family) is in college, two people are Boston College sports star. Sara broke many records of Maine women’s basketball in high school, the Boston College also played three years guard. In fact, it is said that she and Ryan is met on the weightlifting gym, really is not surprising. Sara is now working in Atlanta’s WNBA team Atlanta dream team. The biggest feature of the private life of the couple is the two person who cheap jerseys china likes to travel.

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