Will the giants sign the 23 cheap nfl jerseys with the front end?

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Since the election of Jeremy – Shaw in 2002 cheap nfl jerseys, the giant has never used the first round of the election to select a proximal front. Xiao Ji in the first five years of his career was elected to the professional bowl of the past, the eyes of the outstanding candidates may make the giant again try to select the proximal side of the front of the 4. At present, the giants have alliance leading wide receiver lineup, including Brandon Marshall, little Odell – Beckham and Shepard – Stryn. This year’s draft in the selection of the position of the proximal edge is not a minority. O.J. Howard and David Njoku are both strong body and flexible pace of the players, while the former is almost a copy of Xiao base and front cover and a long ball player. The Evan Engram may become the first round of the dark horse. In vivo test, he ran out of 4.42 seconds 40 yards of achievement, but also has very good catch feeling. Add a tight end to help Eli deteriorating passing attack.

Jay Cutler to avoid the draft pick jets quarterback?

Last year, Christian, who was selected by the jets last year, did not play for the entire season, and it was reported that he was in a state of weakness in his usual training session at Hackenberg. Therefore, the jet may consider this year and choose a quarterback?

In the player market, perhaps the best jet is Cutler. Although his career first record only 68-71 – including 51-51 in the bears, but he is still in the market as one of the top few pocket quarterback. At the same time, according to media reports, the two sides have the intention to cooperate.

If the jet chose this year’s quarterback, perhaps their idea is this: by a wholesale nfl jerseys culture of success makes rookie quarterback grow into starters. In this process, Cutler can play a good transition quarterback.
Brown Myles Garrett was almost That’s final!

In vivo test brisk performance, physical and mental are excellent, in any case Brown will not miss him. In the free agent market, Brown signed Kevin Zeitler and JC Tretter also renewed Joel Bitonio. Brown can continue to accumulate talent, without the need for careful planning for the coming year.

The quarterback, ushered in the great Brown Oswald vhailor apparently have a long-term plan. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale At the two 2017/2018 draft with 8 rounds before signing, they can choose to trade Gary Paule and in the past two years to choose a high priority quarterback.

As the first round of the 2012 show, wave spent the first five years of his career at the Emirates, signed a long-term contract in Kansas with Eric Berri, they decided not to wave the privilege label.
Chris, general manager of the new pony – Ballard (Chris Ballard) is very familiar with the wave, and the wave is also a pony to join the list of players.

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