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Night and roommate chat, she gave me a screenshot: micro-blog cool grass class surrounding rock standing on the roadside, Shen Shanshan behind put her arm around his neck, one hand showed the marriage certificate, the person sends out to hide the sweet feeling. Pictures of the “we” word, simple and generous to show the happiness of two people of the state.

I watched with my roommate feeling, time really is not an ordinary magic, can wholesale nike nfl jerseys actually let two people had become a profound friendship of embarrassment. Freshman year, Shen Shanshan saw the rock suddenly dumped, from the start of a fanatical pursuit, however, Zhou Yan does not get this feeling. Until we graduated from University, Shen Shanshan had failed to win the male god.

Now four years later, when we all spectators to Shen Shanshan’s unrequited love is no longer to look forward, the parties suddenly announced the affair, and was married, his small business days, really let people jaw dropping. Our group of all sorts of gossip girl, have the blessing, one cannot avoid gossip, she is asking how to turn things around with god.

“Hey, get after do not feel difficult, not caught up is not difficult, it is wholesale nike nfl jerseys difficult to catch the process, every step will shed skin.” Shen Shanshan, unable to resist sustain the blows said such a sentence in a moment of silence. Her words, chat group style instant mutation, no one laugh she no longer dare gossip details Every dog has his day. These years, although we are not always seen each of her brave affection move, behind also know their will must be hard. After all, the miracle has never been easy on the road to bloom, I silently in my heart for this girl points a praise.

In fact in life are so limited edition Shen Shanshan miracle, we just met when wholesale nike nfl jerseys often picture the glossy surface and ignore others indignant, sweat behind the double pay. We see that girl is not high not thin enough enchanting, what is a good man to marry her husband; but when you are superior to others is always the target hardware, difficult to find the ideal partner? Life eating away at your youth, the destruction of your patience, and your pride, and pride in the years before it was torn, buried, forgotten…… You can only watch, but powerless, secretly blame it really too.

Is this the truth? Certainly not. Live alone, still work hard is not enough, you wholesale nike nfl jerseys must also use your mind. Your hard work is because of your choice, your choice decides who you are. Who is your world, and in the end how can always remain firmly bright? Clearly, the answer is only one, and that is your own.

I’m not chasing, but I especially like Annne Hathaway. Showbiz child actor actress wholesale nike nfl jerseys innumerable but not all, the child will continue to grow in the bright, even get around appreciation. Annne Hathaway is no doubt the lucky one, but she is able to go farther and farther, to a large extent due to her “smart””.

A “Princess Diary” for the 18 year old Annne Hathaway became the most popular star, most people in reputation will choose however, Annne Hathaway follow up a victory with hot pursuit, but not the same as planning for the future. She quickly removed the “Princess Diaries” in the sweet label, and constantly try to a variety of different types of roles. Later, she was the incarnation of the “tragic world” in the Fang Ting, for this, she is not willing to thin into a “paper”, but also cheap nba jerseys china cut off a long hair. People bent on Annne Hathaway is “from now on wholesale nike nfl jerseys to live a happy life,” the princess, she himself with action to prove that the story is completely not cold. In 2011, she won the work of the Oscar host, this is the first time Oscar enabled young star when the chair. Annne Hathaway’s stunning the crowd, she was generous, fun decent, well done work.

The world is not as we imagine, at the time of acceleration, desire also will be expanded, hope everyone out of the ordinary, few people can settle down to treat life ingenuity. In fact, life is very sensitive, you are not sincere to it, which one can tell, but sometimes it plays together with you. The more you want to get it more wholesale nike nfl jerseys easy impetuous, the farther the distance; you come silently silent, quietly will surprise. So, don’t think about the pie in the sky, don’t look at other people, our happiness depends on our own choice and effort. Make a choice but not to work, probably fell to the bottom, then obliterate sentient beings; grasp the choice of hard, is a newborn after molting.

Maybe you are experiencing in a dilemma choice, perhaps you are constrained by the choice wholesale nike nfl jerseys after the ordeal, who dares to say that all the seemingly cruel change, not you get better proof. From ignorant to wisdom, from immature to mature, when we are able to replace the unfamiliar, in the footsteps of his own is not easy on the road gradually stabilized.

There is no casual success in the world, behind every careless is a deliberate effort. Some wholesale nike nfl jerseys people force, is used to others to see; some people force, is used to their own.

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