The Seahawks chose not nfl jerseys cheap to Adrian Peterson

By • Mar 17th, 2017 • Category: nfl jerseys online

Adrian - Peterson

Obviously, the Seattle nfl jerseys cheap Seahawks will no longer continue to seek signed running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson).

Because the Seahawks chose signed running back Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy), it is reported that before the decision in the team and Peterson did not discuss the Seahawks hoping to find more young more upside players, Rethy is in line with these characteristics.

But the Seahawks understand Lei Xi is more suitable for their system, the team manager John – Schneider (John Schneider) very understanding of the Green Bay Packers, so the importance of Lei Xi for the Seahawks system.
Although Peterson had visited the Seahawks, but it seems that he never became their first choice, he is not even one of the goals for the Seahawks need.

Darrel – ray (Darrelle Revis) can now start thinking about nfl jerseys china their 2017 season.

The United States Wednesday on all his charges have been rejected, so ray Weiss can concentrate on the next season, he told reporters that he was ready to play next season and trying to transition safety, if necessary.
Lives told reporters that he is still eager to play, since last season, he has lost 10 pounds, he began to work with the new trainer, adjust their nutrition plan.

However, the free market for the 32 year old is not a cold, although he has a career bowl experience of the past 7. At present, the New York jet also needs to pay $6 million Weiss Weiss’s protection, but also the need to pay the cost of the subsequent signing of his team to prove that he can continue to play the value of.

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