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3 of the last century, nfl jerseys china in 40s, when Mathews H.L. (Howard Lynn Matthews) (Jack and Cray’s grandfather) as a coach in the California sun and diligent, he would never think of the future of the first NFL family will emerge from him. Although the old age of the old man did not have any achievements in the field of football, but the family a good sports atmosphere, but laid a good foundation for the whole family.

In 1949, H.L. Mathews was the son of old Mathews (Clay Matthews, Sr.) from the Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, standing in the first crossroads he choose to participate in the 1949 NFL draft, was 49 in San Francisco was selected in the twenty-fifth round. His 4 season only 49 people played for the San Francisco team, but also the way to their middle Korean battlefield experience a brush. Fortunately, when the socialist bullet did not want his life, otherwise the story can not go on.

He had a record in the offensive and defensive front, he did not leave too many memories. A short play for the alliance, Clemens Lei Qiqiu business, also rushed down a good family, but in the experience of playing, it affected his two sons: Crespo and Bruce.

The two brothers, who are closely following the pace of his father, when they have graduated from the South after graduation, have come to the successful career stage NFL. Compared to their father’s lonely departure, they really let the League remember their names.

1978 – Mathews (Clay Matthews, small Jr.) graduate from the University of Southern California, in the first round of the twelfth overall by the Cleveland Secretary Brown selected, outside linebacker. As a defensive player, 4 selected professional bowl, the best team in the lineup for the 3 time. The occupation career is quite small when long, up to 19 years of occupation career, made him the history of the NFL harvest captured and killed the oldest player (40 years and 282 days). Of course, even though Cleveland Brown was part of the United States team during that time, he was still unable to taste the taste of the super bowl. As the top defensive player of that era, the small clay also got to become one of the big players back then.

In 1983, Clay’s younger brother, – Matthews (Bruce) also graduated from USC, like his brother, he also took part in the 1983 draft, of course, the draft in. In the first round of the ninth place was Houston oil (later Tennessee Titans) selected, in the titans of the 19 season, he played almost all the offensive line position. Perhaps he is the Mathews family football one of the highest position: from 1988 onwards for 14 times to enter the occupation bowl, which has 10 years into a team, this achievement to help him success in NFL90’s best team. He and cheap nfl jerseys Mike Mongolia chuck (Mike Munchak) is the combination of the greatest offensive team in the history of oil.

As a player the “longevity” of the offensive line in NFL history, Bruce played in 296 NFL games jerseys, has not missed a game due to injury, there is no doubt that he is one of the most successful in the history of the NFL offensive linemen, his No. 74 jersey will retire from among the oil / Titan team history. In 2007, Bruce – Mathews was elected to the hall of fame. The only regret is very influential in the thirty-fourth session of the Tennessee Titans, Super Bowl lost in the colt – Warner (Kurt Warner) led by using “Greatest Show on Turf” of the Saint Louis rams, and Bruce just missed the super bowl. And the story was staged 17 years later, but the hero became his son.
Then we look at the second generation, third generation, we are more familiar with the Matheus Sans Cray – a generation of several of their armour of god.

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