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The 2009 NFL draft, the first third cheap nfl jerseys generations of the Mathews family — Craig – Mathews III (Clay Matthews III) after graduating from his father’s alma mater, chose alone to drift north, by the Green Bay Packers selected after his occupation career in second years, he almost has to stand on the top of the family the harvest of Mathews family’s super bowl “blood” and then won the National League defensive player. But after that, he and III neat packaging team, although there still have a competitive, but always missed with the super bowl.

As in the domestic fans in relatively high popularity of star, is also the core leaders of the Green Bay Packers defensive team, nearly 3 seasons due to field position changing and increasing age, seems to be lost in the football on the road. With the young players to play more and more stable, small Clay’s position more and more embarrassing, the offseason Green Bay just lost veteran third Julius rushed military sent to Perth (Julius Peppers), if the defensive coordinator DOM – Perth card (Dom Capers) considering the new season let young Clay appear in this position, I believe there will be unexpected surprises. It is worth mentioning that the son is also the history of the NFL, only to take the defensive player of the week son.

2010, Bruce as the third generation of the NFL broke into the first person, – (Kevin Matthews) after the door was unexpectedly elected from the draft. But soon the unsuccessful rookie found work, with his father’s hard relationship, Kevin joined the Tennessee team Bruce Torre mother Titan, successfully squeezed into the final list of 53 national people’s Congress, and here the short did the team’s starting center for a variety of reasons, he could not stay too long in NFL, after the teams are not able to survive he finally only nfl jerseys online with regret to say goodbye to NFL. And his father pinned his hopes on his brother.

In 2011, Casey Cray III’s brother, Mathews (Casey Matthews) by the Philadelphia hawks selected as the University of Oregon used star players, a lot of people’s impression has always been stuck in the 2011 NCAA national championships, as kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) under the command of the defender, Casey once in the game in the fourth quarter the Heisman winner Camden Niudun (Cam Newton) – who successfully made off the ball, helping the team after the game tied the score.

2014, Jack – (Jake Matthews), one of the younger brother of Mathews, and finally came to NFL. When the University of Southeast Asia as the star of the University of Dezhou,, the United Front attack and concern, Atlanta falcons are also used in the first round of the high position after the door to recruit the door. But in the 3 season of the Falcon, the performance of Jack fair is somewhat less than expected in the League all left Jiefeng ranks in the middle in front, if he can continue to progress, I believe it is very good for the Falcon booster.

In 2015, Kevin and Jack’s brother Mike (Mike Matthews) also graduated from Dezhou A & M, was also a cheap authentic nfl jerseys defeated player, he currently has just been Pittsburgh Steelers signing array, whether there will be a Steelers next season in the list of 53 people?

20XX, the Mathews family of the next generation of children into NFL, in his career to help the Mathews family or won the next Super Bowl champion ring……
A family has seven people in the NFL (Mike did not play in any of the 1 games), a total of 62 seasons, the effectiveness of the game, the 860 game, was selected in the middle of the professional bowl, won the 1 super bowl. The Mathews family is fully deserve NFL the first family, perhaps in 10 years later, we can still see Mathews fourth generation family members appear on the stage of NFL, perhaps the super bowl ring will be more then a few pieces.

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