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When I was a normal school, I was chosen as the school’s athletes. I am Have been running strong, good at sprint, often participate in the sprint race. After a period of training, it soon became the school’s annual winter cross-country race. Physical education teacher said to me: “10000 meter cross-country race, you also want to participate in!” I listened, surprised to china cheap super bowl jerseys sport open mouth, reluctantly said: “ten thousand meters? I’m not good at long-distance running!” The teacher smiled and said: “give it a try, as exercise, how far it can run far, it does not matter to stick to it.”

The cross-country race that day, I took steps in starting the shooting, it was like: where is where. Because the usual sprint training is more, so just started I quickly went beyond the many students around. After running for a long time, I found a suitable rhythm, running up and do not feel tired. In this way, I slowly china cheap super bowl jerseys entered the state. Halfway through the race, I was in the first half of the team. When I feel tired, but looked at in front of everyone I was beyond, I gathered the courage to run down. When tired to a certain extent, I even feel tired, feet have a rhythm to move forward. The school many long-distance athlete, before I have to catch up, now I can even one beyond them. This sense of achievement supported me to continue to run. I said to myself: “well run, how far can run far!”

Run, I actually saw the end! My heart suddenly rising from a sense of power, then I china cheap super bowl jerseys run, began to sprint. Because of the frequent practice in the sprint sprint, so in the process, I was way beyond all players, rushed to the front. When I first rushed to the end, I was in a trance: is this true? Cheers rang around, I ran the PE teacher rushed thumbs up, said: “good! Let me sit up and take notice!” I created my own miracle! Even I feel incredible, this victory is that I have no thought of in any case.

Sometimes, the person’s ability is really infinite, you don’t know how far you china cheap super bowl jerseys can run, but ran, beat yourself. Suddenly, everything is behind the scenery, you have become a totally new one! You have to belong to own as boundless as the sea and wholesale nike nfl jerseys sky also has a great realm, belong to you.

In fact, most of the time, when we started and what no lofty goals, but kept china cheap super bowl jerseys running forward, ran up to click into place. I remember many years ago, I fell in love with writing, every day like a dance of the bees, non-stop collection of pollen, brewing honey. I put out from the heart of the text written on a piece of paper, I thought, if one day, my article can be published in the press, even if only one, then how happy ah! Exudes a fresh ink smell of newspapers and periodicals, there must be the text of the fragrance, smell, will be as sweet as wine? So, I write, really smell as sweet as wine sweet words. So, I am more immersed in writing. Now, I have published more than and 600 articles in newspapers around the words. Many friends ask me the experience of writing, I only said three words: “write down!”

One of my friends is a successful person. His business is very successful, the china cheap super bowl jerseys assets over ten million. Once, when we talk about a childhood dream, he said: “I think a child, if we can eat white bread every day, the value of this life!” I smile, think of writer Mo Yan said, his childhood dream is three meals a day can eat tasty dumplings, and then want to marry the Mason’s daughter as a wife.

Perhaps, we don’t have what lofty ambition, thought that oneself is a fly is china cheap super bowl jerseys not too high and not too far the sparrow, but as long as you are willing to adhere to, might get unexpected success. You don’t know how far you can run, so stick with it! Run and run, ran to the other side of the spring flowers.

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