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NBA is now due to business needs, cheap jerseys special recruitment NBA correspondent (Writers), the main responsibility for the writing of the manuscript NBA, compile the electricity, the original depth of manuscript writing.

cheap nba jerseys wholesale

cheap nba jerseys wholesale

NBA correspondent position requirements:

1, NBA must have excellent professional knowledge, sports media, website experience,.
2, with strong writing skills, strong sensitivity to the news, familiar with the news writing methods and techniques;
3, English level six or above, the ability to read and cheap nba jerseys interpret translation strong, often read English sports website, with the ability to translate, write the depth of the manuscript;
4, a strong sense of responsibility, to comply with work discipline, at least 7 hours every day at the time, can get up early (7 reports).
5, flexible, strong communication skills, team spirit;

Application materials wholesale:

1, a Chinese resume, including personal information, education and work experience, the payment standard, telephone etc.;
Rocket girl song mimicry contest after the first round of the second round of the PK, has decided the final four players. They are cheering squad leader Casey, breast fat buttock, body proud:
Rocket girl second round of the first set of PK female version of Arthur vs long leg Captain wholesale nba jerseys china
The second is beautiful and moving, Meng Meng baby Jackie. Lucky in the first round of the first round group Jackie second round bye, so directly to the final four:
Rocket girl second round of the first set of PK female version of Arthur vs long leg Captain
Ballet angel Courtney, she was wearing a ballet miniskirt in the quarterfinals, cheap nba jerseys online bringing a Taylor Swift Shake It Off:
Rocket girl second round group PK miniskirt Angel vs nightclub queen
The last four places have just been produced this week, like the interpretation of the series of Ashley rap just beat the opponent Ashlee, get the final ticket in the semifinals.

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