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The 2017 season ended, wholesale nfl jerseys the Washington Redskins in a 5 wins and 11 negative results, the partition bottom is fourth consecutive season and missed the playoffs, general manager Dan Snyder was furious, announced that the offseason management group will make big moves. Then the red immediately held a team management meeting, coach Mike Shanahan believes that the recent two season team used starting quarterback is Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman as his veteran offensive to play at a high level. Snyder agreed, and that, if you can choose a potential rookie quarterback from draft, not only can let the team go on the road of reconstruction, but also can save the flagging ball and season ticket sales. When Andrew in the Stanford University – La Crosse played a very stable performance, have the occupation player accomplishment, if he can visit Washington, the team must immediately back to life, but Payton Manning neck injury missed the entire 2011 season, took the opportunity to take out the pony pick, is the basic lock pick in the draft on iraq. Are there any good young quarterback? Certainly there! The Baylor University has a black guy, was born in Japan, grew to show the movement of talent, athletics and football together, just won the 2011 Heisman NCAA season, this guy named Robert Griffin III (hereinafter referred to as RG3).


More unfortunately, RG3 has a reputation, has been locked in the top three ranking, but was only a first round of red No. 6, if you want to wait for RG3 to fall to sixth place, to tell some fantastic tales. At the beginning of the March, the major news media, red spotted RG3, is likely to seek higher transaction to sign him out. At this time, Snyder called the rams general manager Les Snyder calls, Snyder explained what he wanted, hope trading ram pick, and Snider said that this year the draft two headed quarterback candidates, this is very rare, but over the past 7 years there are 6 Super Bowl champion quarterback was selected in the first round (Drew Bracey excepted), if you want to exchange red, you must come up with enough sincerity “”. Since the sign cheap nfl jerseys quarterback is rare, why not keep the ram pick? The reason is very simple, two years ago has been signed with the champion rams selected Sam – Bradford, stable performance for the ram is very satisfied, and show the potential for future will be the league’s quarterback signs, so he is willing to accept the transaction pick situation. At that time there was news that the red is willing to send the first round of the year, the second round and the third round of the signing and ram trading, and then entered into a stalemate in the negotiations
The test at the end of February rookie training camp, RG3 guards body so that the quality of all the teams are also general manager of red drool with envy, let Dan – Snyder strengthened the idea. 1999 draft conference, Ditka, general manager of St. Mike – in order to get the running guard – -, he chose to empty all the draft pick in the year of 1999, by the end of the first round of the and the third round of the signing of the year in 2000, in order to get rid of the World Health Organization in the United States, in order to get the right to run in the United States, the United States and the United states. But Dan Snyder obsession was opened, in March 14, 2012, to finalize the transaction! The Redskins paid a 2012 first round pick sixth and thirty-ninth second round pick, plus two of the first round of the 2013 and 2014 sign, and ultimately win the second sign. Fisher, general manager of the rams and coach Geoff – then said that this transaction can help the team to rebuild the future. The idea is more clear red, non RG3 do not marry!

The draft not surprisingly, the Redskins used the pick to choose RG3. The ram side, and cowboy they completed a transaction, the cowboy trade up to No. 6 selection Luis Anna state cornerback Maurice big Keleiboen, ram is to accept the fourteenth overall and forty-fifth round pick, fourteenth overall pick easily with Brock Luis Anna,cheap authentic nfl jerseys the powerful defensive tackle Michael adams. Draft the next day, the first is to use the red rams 39 overall chose University of North Alabama cornerback Jay leonische – Jenkins, and continue trading, with the Cowboys sent forty-fifth cis position and the bears traded for fiftieth place and a five round pick, RAM with the two pick choose running back Isiah – pidde and tackles Roque Weiss – Watkins, incidentally, bears with the forty-fifth pick get is south high over large al Jean Geoffrey.

The 2012 season, relying on the outstanding performance of rams defensive group, has achieved initial progress, winning nearly 50%, but also to get rid of the National League West vice monitor position, rookie Brock Adams and Jenkins showed excellent. Red is in RG3 and make only superficial changes under the guidance of the exquisite design of the offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan, red main regional options reading to punch the ball attack, completely RG3 and another rookie running back Alfred Maurice’s ability to show this season, red offensive group ornamental is the history of the rare and wonderful RG3 are the same, almost every ball is the same charge into the enemy ranks like a hero, down defenders like wrestling moves, RG3 no complaints, dusted herself down, just like the real steel equipment continues to lead the team forward, in twenty-first Century the pass oriented offense era, RG3 led the Redskins played in 60s that attack the pavement attack system. Season sixth weeks against the Vikings, fourth RG3 at the half 24 yards reading options to attack, ran 76 yards along the left side of the array to lock the victory! The RG3 wearing a red shirt in the United States and the United States and the United States is a picture of the picture. Red with a wave of seven winning streak to complete the regular season.

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