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Came to the 2013 draft, due to the red won nfl jerseys wholesale the playoffs, the rams won the first round of twenty-second. The first round of the draft, in addition to the crazy ram trading to West Virginia a small tavern – Austen took over, and with the twenty-second pick and a seven round pick and Falcon trading first round pick thirtieth to third, and sixth round picks, the harvest is the Georgia rams linebacker talent Alec Aogeteli, receiver Stedman Bailey and running back Zach Stacey.

The 2013 season, the Bradford rams encountered turbulence, the middle of the season because of injury claims, RAM can only be explored in the chaos, several offensive rookie also completely failed to play a level, in addition to running back Zach Stacey and other rookies are referred to as “standard smuggled goods”, but the defense group in the end of this season – Robert Quin hit the outbreak the peak of the season, the ram to keep the top defensive efficiency, eventually let the team not to put rotten bottom, to end the season with 7 wins and 9 negative hastily. For the red, the 2013 season is even worse, in order to protect the knee injury has not healed RG3, the team gave up on the season reading options attack, and the use of more general union of the West Coast offense, this play to RG3 passing capacity of shortcomings exposed, coupled with the London – Fletcher retired let defense group lost the soul, games lost the red boat. The middle of the season, RG3 knee repeatedly, he Nahanrang coach reserve Kirk cousins tried, as Cousins played fast, anxious mood shows between the lines of RG3. In December, the old man who announced, the team decided to let RG3 take 4 games at the end of the season, in fact this is Shanahan RG3 in order to protect the good intentions, but as a father and son always have that endless misunderstanding, feisty RG3 did not understand Shanahan’s approach, and since then he enduanyijue. The end of the season, with 3 wins and 13 losses near the bottom of the league, lack of patience and Dan Snyder also announced that he sent fire, and then look back, last season’s success and joy is just like the dream as trassient as a fleeting cloud, no trace.

Following the 2014 draft, the Redskins record last season with the rams less bad, eventually became the first round pick pick in the draft, he is still trying to sell before the pick, but failed to reach a deal, eventually chose the Auburn University rams offensive tackle Greg Robinson. Red debt owed is finally paid off, but it seems that both teams have not been much improvement. Bradford also opened the season for the entire season, the ram still in defense under the condition of one leg to support. The red side, coach Jay Gruden as guide for wholesale nfl jerseys the use of lost RG3 RG3, even more sad is that he has never been when Gruden as a sign players until the beginning of December, Jay Gruden officially announced this season, the rest of the game as a substitute at RG3, RG3 and miss Shanahan is too late to regret. In this season, three starters have been used, but they have only scored a record of 3 wins and 10 losses.

This past week, the game, the first battle of the ram and red in the big deal, relying on the defensive team to defend the dominant performance of 24-0 zero seal red, and red in both the scene and the score both abused. At this time node, RAM only by the 2012 quarter pick for a bunch of young talent: Robinson, Broackes, Jenkins, Stacey, Bailey, Aogeteli, Peter and Watkins. Sadly, the defense team has become more solid, but the offensive team has yet to find a reliable leader, the rise of the foreseeable future. And the red is even more tragic, when they decided to gamble for a RG3, may have long expected today’s end, not only lost the present, but also lost the future.
Parallel world: if there is no deal?

In the spring of 2012, the red skin announced that due to the conditions of the ram is too harsh, cheap nike jerseys online so the two sides decided to give up the transaction. The 2012 draft, the ram cannot trade the pick, can only choose the Alabama strong running backs Trent Richardson, Stephen – Jackson to take over. The RG3 is in the third CIs were picked off by the Vikings in Minnesota, the red is the pick of the south side of the pick of the sixth – Matt – cali. The draft to the second round, in order to meet the old boss who hopes to introduce a sports quarterback idea, Snyder decided to use the thirty-ninth priority of the University of Wisconsin black quarterback Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks in the third round with seventy-fifth cis position selected University of Arizona quarterback Nick Fowles. 2012 seasons before the match, Wilson outstanding performance, the renewal of the beat veteran Grossman become red quarterback, then reading option offense was just as the season reach the acme of perfection, the advance, the increasing number of injuries finally fell in Wilson NL wild card battle, over the red skin, is Matt Flynn and the Seattle seahawks. Take a look at the ram, they have a good offense on the road, but the defense gradually slag, defensive cut off and Wei Wei two positions have a big problem, and ultimately continue to sink. Incidentally, the 2012 season of Super Bowl Final belonging to the Vikings, they played a very dominant offensive road in Adrian Peterson and under the leadership of RG3, the Super Bowl 300 yards from the road mad crow, let ray Lewis’s career over war disappointment, RG3 will become the history of the second black champion quarterback.

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