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East Tower - arrival

Atlanta falcons and Kansas cheap nfl jerseys chiefs player, two time all star defensive tackle in the East – wave reached an agreement for the Falcon wave sent a $8 million a year contract, and this contract is likely because of some additional terms up to US $10 million.

In a total of NFL wave in the East Tower of the 5 season, which was a two time occupation bowl, 2013 wave completed 10.5 sacks, in 2014 he scored 13 sacks last season, in the injury under the influence of wave’s performance is not very good, he finished only 2.5 sacks. The wave is apparently healthy enough excellent level, after signing a contract price in the emirate of Kansas with Eric Berri, the chief and did not have the money to stay in the East – wave, Atlanta made the right choice in a rival talent shows itself in the signing of wave.

East Tower – not just wave at the defensive end to show their talent on the offensive end, waves can also be used as a running back with quarterback contributed 2015 season game against wave lions completed once rushing touchdowns last season against the Broncos also had touchdowns. The offensive and defensive wave maintains a cheap jerseys online discipline: he is the last player to complete the final goal of the ball, but also the most important player to complete the pass.

Packers Heroes

The Oakland Raiders with a two-year contract signed tight end Jared Cook, the contract is worth $12 million 200 thousand, which contains as much as $5 million guarantee amount, as well as a copy of the injury insurance.
Jared – 29 year old Cook, last season in the Green Bay packers. He was an important contributor to the playoffs last season and the League finals. The packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Cook high, he said from the play last season Cook, he should first consider the offseason packers player contract.

Cook occupation career four years in the Tennessee Titans team, Cook last season after being cut with the rams, packers signed a one-year contract worth $2 million 750 thousand, but the packers did not provide a copy of the contract for Cook, the packers signed Matruh J Bennet, as the packers a proximal front Kendricks signing a ram before, the two person as the main proximal front team no more Cook position.

Last season was Jared Cook’s first match with the team made the playoffs, he in 8 years of occupation career in a total of 303 times the ball scored 3880 yards and 17 touchdowns, packers in the year, he completed the ball 377 yards and 1 touchdowns, his playoff performance far beyond the regular season, he a total of the wholesale nfl jerseys china ball 229 yards, scored 2 touchdowns. In the game against Dallas cowboys, he finished at the end of the season with a 30 yard catch, helping the packers to win the cowboys. Cook joined the Raiders, for Jared Carle to provide more passing options, and provide quality offensive cover for the Raiders, two $12 million 200 thousand contract is not expensive, although it will occupy a certain amount of money on space, but it is worth.

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