NFL’s five most wholesale nfl jerseys china underrated contracts

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1 Chris – Beck, defensive wholesale nfl jerseys cut front, Tampa Bay pirates, contract: 3 years, 9 million, $15 million 750 thousand security

Chris Baker

Almost every year the pirates are looking for with the star Gerald – Mccoy’s defensive cut off candidates, and from the red to switch from the role of the United States can be said to be suitable for the role of the. 2016 season Beck’s PFF score of up to 82.2, in the defensive players in the top 20, he contributed a total of eight times the pressure and the pressure of the top 24 defensive ball. In the last two years in Washington, he has played a very good role in the safety and stability of the 29 year old. In fact, this could be the most valuable signing of the free market this year.

2 JC- Trent, center, Cleveland, Brown, contract: 3 years 16 million 750 thousand, $10 million

Trent played 7 games for the packers last season, leaving his cheap jerseys wholesale opponent to have only the last 8. At the same time, Brown’s own Cameron Ervin, starting 12 games out of 29 compression. The cover of the ball at Irwin will not do the same, but Trent’s performance is much better. He is now only 26 years old, as long as the show to show the main level of the center’s ability, but there has been no stable appearance time. When last season he returned to the main position – Cory – Lin, the PFF score is the League fifth center. The addition of another free agent Kevin – Brown teller, the offensive team inside the strength increase by a large margin, and only 10 million insurance contract, Brown’s team earned.

3 – James Harrison, outside linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers, contract: 2 years 3 million 500 thousand, 500 thousand security
Most of the time, retain their free player of the team is more important than from the other team sign, for the Steelers and Harrison, especially. At the age of 38, Harrison still has 51 times the pressure on the quarterback, mostly from the end of the season. The 2002 rookie of the year, at the age of 38, is still one of the best players on the defensive team.

4 Terrence Williams, and took over, the Dallas cowboys, the contract: 4 years 17 million, 9 million 500 thousand security

At the same time this year, several outside took over the big contract, the Cowboys successfully retained Williams, and the number of security is very cheap. According to Dallas’s offensive operation mode, and his team took over in inside and outside is not too high in the sequence, the Williams data not very eye-catching, but he still is undoubtedly a valuable long-range weapons, at least once the ball 42 yards occupation career each year, two of which is 75 yards down the ball. Williams’s career success rate was 61.7%, with an average of about 16.2 yards per catch, with a total of 4.7 yards from the catch.

5 William – Hayes, defensive side, Miami dolphins, contract: 1 years, 2 million 700 thousand, $4 million 750 thousand security (from the deal with the RAMS)

This is a deal, not a free contract, but the deal in Miami is very sensible, they nfl jerseys china come back at the cost of the draft in the end of this year, a 206 signed into the No. 223. After the deal, Miami cut Hayes’s contract to 1 years, which makes it necessary for the new season to contract the performance of the year. Hayes has been doing well in the past few years in the past few years, the last two years, 43 times the pressure and the defense of the 30.5 ball. Mario and Williams after the cancellation, the dolphins need to be with the side of the side – – – and – – and the arrival of the, so that they did not pay any price to get a top 20 of the hands of the shock of the.

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