The Raiders nfl jerseys china online seduced Lynch back

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Ma Sean Lin Qi

The news most concern today nfl jerseys from china the former Seattle Seahawks running back star retired, Sean Ma Lin Qi, according to internal sources, the Oakland Raiders are strongly considering to persuade him to return.

The Raiders in this free market lost the main Weiesi lata running back Murray, so the running back position appeared big loophole. And Lin Qi grew up in Oakland, the city is very emotional, with these two factors, there is today’s news.

Lin Qi will be 31 years old next month, in his career in the past 114 years, he started the first game of the game, the ball hit the ball to get a total of 9112 yards (an average of every stroke of 4.3 yards) and the size of the array of up to 2144 times in the first half of the year, the first half of the game for the first time in the past 9 years. After them came to Seattle, he is one of the most prolific League running back 5 years, the Seahawks career, he rushed out of the 5774 yards ranked third in the league, 294 first downs League second, 51 touchdowns first in the league. Seattle’s two Super Bowl trip, are run by Lin Qi as the main run.

After the 2015 season because most of the season, now a year away from football. He still has two years of contract with the Seahawks did not perform, so if the back, he will be the Seahawks player. So the Raiders to get him, or to seek with the Seahawks trading. Raiders general manager Reggie Mackenzie and the Seahawks manager John Schneider had previously worked as a colleague in the Green Bay, the management on both sides of the good relations, trade should not be a problem. After all, the Seahawks now have no shortage of running back, but also can not afford Lin Qi 9 million salary space, so Lin Qi back, regardless of whether or not to go to Oakland, will not stay in the sea. If no deal is successful, Hai Ying will terminate with him.

Relatively speaking, more questionable is the signings ideas raiders. Running is a cheap jerseys wholesale very young to eat rice position, in all positions in the NFL, running guard with age, the state of the fastest decline. Therefore, after the Raiders did not leave Murray, widely believed they and others, eyes stare at the running back position of the 2017 draft on a galaxy of talents. I didn’t expect them to think about the veteran before the draft. In addition to Lin Qi, another liberal veteran Adrian – Pedersen also linked with them. If you want to introduce these two years of standing players, it is better to retain Murray or pick rookie come true.

The Seahawks cornerback Sid and the main contract

At the same time, the Seahawks did not idle, and their last season’s main cornerback agreed SID, the two sides signed a 1 year contract.
Sid in the last season as the main point of the first round of the 15 games, and superstar Richard – Scher partner on both sides. Under the pressure of the huge role, he played very well, there are 14 times to break the pass, the 1 cut and the 1 time the ball. Unfortunately, he suffered a cruciate ligament and meniscus tear in the playoffs. Otherwise, it is impossible to sign until today.

This time to renew the contract, general manager Peter – Carol also gave him support, said he believes that in the new season, when the season comes, it will be able to fully recover.
The 28 year old SID, starting from the Seahawks reserve list of occupation career, after years of efforts to become a major player in the season. In addition, the secret service. He was the captain of the seahawks.
So now to possibility NFL campaign for Lives is very low, but after nfl jerseys wholesale resolving legal issues, ray Weiss said in an interview or a return of hope, therefore, he is willing to play safety. The veteran cornerback is not uncommon, retired celebrity of the most typical example is the 2015 season of Famer Charles Woodson, after he played cornerback from safety, there is still a star performer.

Lives also said that in order to solve the problem of slow speed, he is committed to the adjustment of physical fitness, weight loss has been, and will adjust the diet. Hope that these efforts will be able to win a contract for him.

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