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Other teams are continuing to cheap authentic jerseys sign the contract. According to reports, the New York giants have their own defense front Jason – Pierre – reached an agreement, the two sides signed a 4 year contract of 62 million, of which the protection of gold of 40 million yuan.

The 28 year old Pierre – Paul occupation career originally on the upgrade, in 2010 after entering the league in the second grade, he got 16.5 sacks in the NBA, is that the giants won the Super Bowl big hero. At the end of the 2014 season after the contract expires, the giants will be the star of the privilege label used on him.

Unfortunately, in July 4, 2015, the national day of the United States, a fireworks accident, resulting in Pierre – Paul lost his right index finger, several other fingers are also severely damaged. After the accident, he signed an improved contract with the giants, well below the salary of the privilege label.

After the accident, it was generally believed that it was difficult for him to return to the level before the accident. But in the 2015 and 2016 of the two season, he used the face of these views, and in rushed anti running has excellent performance. So this time, the giant once again used the label to him, the two sides also reached a consensus on the end of today.

The giant is about to sign Smith
And this is not the only trading action giant today. According to reports, they also signed a contract with former jet quarterback Smith.
Smith is the jet in the 2013 round of the show, he was in the rookie season has become the team’s main quarterback. However, in the 2015 offseason, conflict and team defensive player of the locker room IK- lannec Paley, changed Smith’s occupation career. E Neck Pali said at the time that Smith owed him 600 yuan, a punch in the face of Smith, which resulted in the jaw fracture, after surgery to recover. Smith to rest for two months, the jet had to introduce a veteran from Houston, Ruian – Fitzpatrick, who then played the best career performance. In this way, Smith from the main quarterback turned into a forgotten substitute.

Just past the 2016 season, due to Fitzpatrick’s bad performance, the main position for cheap nfl jerseys online the jets once returned to the hands of Smith, but he did not get the chance, this game in seventh weeks he only started, he in the second quarter because of a torn knee ligament and back injury, was eventually identified for the season.

Despite this, the giants decided to sign him, giving him a chance to compete against the other two teams in the new season. After all, Eli Manning is 36 years old, the giant has entered the process of looking for potential successors.

In the past 2015 seasons, because of the unfair treatment of blacks have a series of problems, NFL players before the national anthem, express our protest to one knee posture. Capet Nick is the leader of these players, which also led to a public opinion is not a small controversy. After becoming a free agent, Capet Nick said that in the new season will not continue to protest, but also by some of the view that he worried that he can not find a job.
No matter what is right or wrong, the Somali aid movement, Capet Nick is certainly doing a good job. NFL players have been generous to participate in charitable activities, this is an example of.

Lives is willing to play safety
Another free veteran, former New York jets star cornerback, “King Darrel island” – ray Weiss, recently also expressed the hope to continue playing in the NFL arena, even willing to play for safety.
Lives’s 2016 season is not very smooth, there are several times because the guard took over and wholesale nfl jerseys lost speed outside the large number, this point, and in the summer it will be 32 years old, the consensus is that he has returned to comply with the NFL standard. In the offseason started, he was also involved with fighting off. Although he was not charged at the end of the day, he was forced to cancel the deal and sign Maurice – Clayborne to take his place.

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