The Colts defense nfl jersey cheap ability of occupation

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The 2013 season, the Colts improved nfl jersey cehap defensive strength, Clark pressure has been reduced, it also allows him to play better. The number of touchdowns and remained as the previous year 23 at the same time, he steals reducing by half the number in this season (from 18 to 9), the Colts found more tacit understanding in the reconstruction of the second years, also do not need to win every so difficult. In December against the Cincinnati tigers in the game, his 46 pass 29 yards up to 326 yards of the 0 copy cut, is a career high performance. But even more eye-catching in the playoffs. At the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter, the group of eight consecutive attacks came out in the end of the two quarter, and by the end of the third quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs had made a 38-10 lead on the road. But after this, the team made the playoffs, the history of the second great reversal, he in the next two attack 7 6 in group 113 yards, the Colts quickly recovered two touchdowns. After the chiefs only two free kick for Houston, but the Larke team again finished three touchdowns, which ended a set of attack the middle of the fourth quarter the very classic: at the Emirates in front of two yards, running back Donald Brown after the ball was quickly match the ball from the arms onto the floor. At this time, the eye, in front of 5 yards to pick up off the ball, while others did not react on their own to take the ball into the end zone. The touchdown inspires the Colts team morale, eventually to reverse 45-44. But this difficult reversal may also collapse the pony, who gave the new England patriots for in the divisional playoff defeat.


In the 2014 season, he raised his level to a higher level. Third weeks and four weeks in the face of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, his two data were shot by the rate of 370 yards up to 4 copies of the array of 0, and the hit rate of 393 yards up to 4 yards of the 1 copy of the 79.4%. This can be said to be the best in the history of NFL two consecutive performance. Since then, he played 8 consecutive games more than 300 yards, which in November against Washington Red game is the first in the field of the performance of the array of up to 5. In the end of this season, came 4761 yards (League) and the top of the League (the first), the Colts for the last third years with a total of 11 wins and 5 losses into the playoffs in the last 40 years. This time in the playoffs, Lark led the horse with his predecessor Manning led the Broncos to meet, in spite of the plateau Road, Lark still led the team after lead in the second quarter to maintain the end. Unfortunately, in the finals of the United States, pony lost to the ultimate champion patriots.

And this became the final glory of La till today. The 2015 season the Colts long bad cheap nfl jersey online line finally broke the racke, caused him to two injured, a total of 7 games played. In the summer of 2016, pony signed a new $6 deal for $140 million, bringing him to the league’s first high salary. The 2016 season is healthy, but the team is still in another position. Although the attack continue to suffer violence, 15 games to eat 41 sacks, “or in a career high 63.5% hits out of 4240 yards and 31 touchdowns, quarterback score is a career high, but still not enough to bring the team back to the playoffs. At the end of the season, he underwent surgery on the shoulder, ready to solve the problem.

Although the career has only five years to date, but the experience of the game in the football field, may be many veterans have not experienced. When he entered the League for the 2012 season, the main pony running back, the main proximal front, one of the main receivers, and all he is a rookie, in such a young team, he led the team with 7 times winning attack in the playoffs. Since then, although the outside took over and near the front who have grown, but the defensive and offensive line has been the heart of the pony. Ran Wei until the 2015 season Frank – Gore joined only improved, and he was also the age of 32. No red balls make the attack become difficult to see the 2015 season American League finals Tom Brady will know. Brady only after such a good game without running back, but Iraq took nearly three years. In the three years before the occupation career encountered such difficulties, but also led the team to the playoffs all three years, he can say the word singlehero in NFL to the extreme. This experience may let us think of how many years ago, in the first 9 years of life in Cleveland with the champion missed Lebron. Perhaps the days will be great down in the world, must suffer the labor of their bones, and now Lebron is the three winner of the NBA, hope in the near future, he can see the dream one day.

This is the twenty-first Century NFL rookie of the year, the current union’s first pay, Andrew – LA’s story. In the past cheap jerseys season, his performance is absolutely worthy of the big contract, but the pony to regain competitiveness, or to continue to reinforce other positions. Especially in the defensive side, each line has a loophole. I hope after offseason rectification, Iraq in the new season with the team played a wonderful performance.

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