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From the Joey Porter TJ w Kevin Greene jet and the Steelers experience

Through unremitting efforts, nfl jerseys china TJ Watt’s journey to the NFL finally saw the dawn. Last Wednesday, he completed his tests at Pro Day in Wisconsin, “I want to show my ability to control the area in the test.” He said, a lot of coaches know I can run, know I can pass, but not many people have seen my good sense of space.”

The 32 team league scouts and packers GM and Steelers coach came to the scene to understand his performance, including jet legend and Steelers Hall of Famer Kevin Greene and Joey Porter. “Communicating with them can really improve. They will tell you how to improve the details of the game, for example, during the training, they observe my actions and tell me, ‘Hey, a little bit of gravity…… Before turning the hand to interfere with the players… Wait。 I like a sponge to absorb a large number of people from all walks of life in the industry’s recommendations, the next task is to put these suggestions into the performance of the field.”

In two legendary linebacker training, Watts not only experienced the conventional test items, more close to actual combat in many test. “In the League before the player has comprehensive test, nearly two months time to practice, to deal with the fixed test items. But on Pro Day, you don’t know what you’re going to do because of the different needs of the teams. So learn fast test items, unprepared to test more able to show a player’s real level.”
At the same time, Watt also said he would like to play in the league he can play any position, or even cut the front or secret service group. “As I did before, I’d like to play anywhere in the team. Gold is always shining. A player is good enough to help the team in various ways…… I think the ability to be a generalist is the real wealth of the players.” The next time he will continue to train, waiting for the team to test his ability in different aspects. During this wait, he will train at home, and with his brother (JJ- watts and Derek watts) together at home to see the NCAA basketball competition.

Big brother’s advice to help Watt break 4 seconds 70
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A family of three brothers, from left to right are TJ, JJ and Derek cheap nfl jerseys wholesale

TJ completed a comprehensive test in watts in the 40 yard dash in the first attempt, he received his message from two. “You just scored 4.71 seconds.” Although suffered injuries, Watt is eager to prove their strength to the outside world through the performance test. “I really want to break through the 4.70 second mark.” He told reporters in the union. Before his second attempt, the two elder brothers gave him some advice: remove the necklace, remove the bracelet, everything for aerodynamics. Maybe it was a little bit of work, and he got what he wanted: 4.69 seconds.

Not surprisingly, Watt’s interview with reporters asked a lot of questions about him and his two eldest brother. “The media love inquisitive, ask your family, ask how you grow up. For me, even if they do not want to ask this question, it is easy to return to the topic of comparison between us, no way, who let us be a family.”

TJ watt is 0.22 seconds faster than JJ watt. “I run faster than him, probably because he was 30 pounds heavier than I am now.” At the same time, his other test scores for him to take the initiative in the same position players: 10-8 jump and a 37 Inch vertical jump height, arm span and stature are very impressive. In the test period, he almost met all League scouts that he suffered physical and psychological double test. “To tell you the truth, it is really very abrasive, the evening after the opening time is very late in the morning and get up early to do drug testing, sometimes I can only sleep 5-6 hours in the evening.” In the comprehensive test alliance after he will return to Wisconsin to rest and eat some delicious recipes outside – he hesitated when a pizza or Japanese barbecue — but he’ll continue to invest in training.

The testing process for a whole week, I constantly tell each of the team’s coach, I will be stronger. Whether I keep a healthy diet and diet, or persistent training, in order to let me get even a little bit on the field of ascension. There are hundreds of players who are in the same position with me, but I’m definitely the one who can do the details.”

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