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The former high school cheap football jerseys coach, Mark oellers (Mark Ehlers).

Football coach

The spirit of sports is the most important skill for a coach to teach an athlete. It reflects our skills in dealing with problems before, during and after the game. These techniques can also be used to win or lose our happiness. As a coach, we hope that this kind of sportsmanship can be carried out in the real world, and that these athletes can mature into a successful adult life. In order to achieve this goal, the coach must be very positive words and deeds of the sports spirit. I have some suggestions on how to promote sportsmanship in your team:

Pre season:
Open a chapter in the team manual to explain the spirit of the sport, and make clear requirements for athletes, parents and coaches. And get this manual to get approval from the sports director.
Staff meeting to discuss the importance of sportsmanship. Discuss the various circumstances and consequences of unacceptable behavior. Emphasize the coaching role model in practice and competition.
During the parents’ meeting, discuss the spirit of sports with parents, and give parents a clear expectation and requirements
When a collection of lecture, and the players directly discuss the sports spirit,wholesale nfl jerseys and let the captain play a leading role in the positive. Make sure the team understands the importance of sportsmanship for their own and the team.


Say what you expect from the players
Give a clear explanation of the positive and negative behavior
Zero tolerance for profanity and physical conflict. Because the same behavior in the official game will lead to 15 yards penalty or even lose the game
With a positive attitude and other spirit in training (such as teamwork, proactive etc.)
Sometimes you can find people who understand the sports spirit of the people on behalf of.
Reward players with sportsmanship.

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