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Tencent Sports News – cheap nfl jerseys currently open California road trip in the metropolitan area ranked fourth in the New York Rangers, the first battle they will face old rivals Losangeles kings, the two sides clash in the 2014 Stanley Cup finals in the season is still visible before the eyes, is expected to beat opponents under the condition of the Rangers is bound to the war, the Tencent of sports will be in Beijing on the morning of March 26th 10:30 for your live video of the game, please pay attention.

Ranger vs King

In the first place in the eastern region of the Rangers wild card is currently in a very favorable position for the first round of the playoffs, they are likely to face is from the the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference finals team, until they can be met with district despots, which makes the team against the situation is very good, the team in the last two games has suffered the devil and the island were two old enemies sniper, so the game they’ll want to find the confidence from the king’s body. Offensive team, a group of three strikers is currently the Rangers array best player, zuccarello zingst beside Clyde in the past 7 games together contributed 5 goals and 11 assists. Zebina – Miller – 5 goals in the last 4 games, but only a few assists in the last wholesale nfl jerseys 7 games. The other two teams in the team’s performance is not ideal, which is also a certain degree of influence on the cavalry attack firepower.

Backcourt, Captain Ryan Macdonald had 2 goals and 2 assists in 7 games in the past, a good series from the offensive and defensive team, the performance of the season two fellows Nick Holden and Brady Shea still state is not good, a total of only 7 games with 1 goals and 3 assists no, Macdonald can reduce the burden of the body.
The goalkeeper position, miss three weeks goalkeeper Henrik Rehnquist the game is likely to replace him in cheap nfl jerseys return, nangta in 7 games for the team only scored 2 victories, performance is not satisfactory, the game if Rehnquist can return will bring great confidence to the team.

The kings, although they are in the game after battle defeated the Winnipeg jets, but in the face of failure and continuous oil flames that they basically missed the playoffs. The offensive end, Captain Anze Kebita – in the past 8 games and scored 3 goals from 5 assists, but his good state is too late, has been unable to restore the king’s season, behind him Carter Tefuli – Pearson combination in the past 8 games only 4 goals and 9 assists per game, the performance is not ideal. It is the three set of Jiabolike – Campbell Lewis combination in the past 8 games and scored 5 goals, helping the team to open up the situation in the attack end.
The defensive line, the team’s three big defender dowdie, Mo Cen and Martinez in the past 8 games have 4 assists, Daodi and Mo also have 1 goals cen. Manager Kenny Gabriel Sutter in the last two games combined with Cen Mo Martinez, this game will also continue in this combination.

Goalkeeper position, the new team to play the game – Bissau Pu finally won the king’s first win in the league, the return of Sutter’s trust in him. The first game of the king should be the main Jonathan – Quirke, he has won 4 games in the last 7 games for the team, the game he and Lun Lun’s final showdown in the finals of the 14 year will be expected.

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