NFL hired a new chief cheap authentic jerseys medical

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In order to solve the problem of cheap authentic jerseys concussion, NFL hired a new doctor. This time it’s not a shrink.




The League announced recently hired Alan hills – the doctor’s chief medical officer, they recently opened a full-time job.

Sears is van der Pauw at the Department of Neurosurgery surgery, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation experts, he is also the Vanderbilt sports concussion center founder and director.
“The player’s health and safety is a top priority for NFL, we have been working to improve the level of medical treatment, and constantly go beyond the self.” Roger said, “we have high-end surgeons, leading clinicians and research institutes. Sears doctor athletes very rich experience.

Brown may not give Josh – Gordon

Josh – Gordon once again submitted its own NFL recovery application. But the former star catcher may need to find a new team.
It is revealed that Brown tried to trade in Cleveland, or directly cancel his. And all this needs to wait until next month, President Roger – the final decision.
Gordon has been suspended for 43 games in his last 48 games because of his problems, and he has also been tested for marijuana in the year before he was chosen by the University of Brown, all of which went on to his career as a result of his career at the University of.

Remove the drug and OTC, the court Gordon is worthy, rookie season, 14 games to finish 50 wholesale nfl jerseys receptions for 805 yards and 5 touchdowns, second years 87 catches for 1646 yards and 9 touchdowns.
One of the most famous catch – up in the league, Theo – Reddick. A pair of big hands.

But this offseason, more attention focused on his wrist.

December was placed in the reserve list after injury, Reddick recently received a wrist surgery, if recovered well, will participate in the team started in May.
The lion’s defensive backcourt is not lack of ability, they lack is durable.

Is the ankle and wrist injuries last year Reddick missed 6 games, but he still finished 53 ball, cheap jerseys 371 yards and 5 touchdowns, also won a career high of 357 rushing yards. Amir – Abdullah (Ameer) second weeks due to the foot injury season reimbursement, he is expected to return to the team activities in the time of the.

Last season, the lions did not have any one single stroke over 70 yards.

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