Losangeles lightning to all 2017 season ticket holders Jersey

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Lightning is trying to innovate, they don’t want to be looked down upon.

Since January 12th, they have been involved in the Losangeles marathon as a relay team, eating spicy hot dogs on the team’s theme, and radio and television shows in Losangeles. Last year, the absence of the entire season of the injured side of the front Geoff – Cumberland de has also appeared in the lightning shirt parade.

On Tuesday, the team also get some new tricks, trying to be market acceptance: all season ticket holders will receive a blue shirt as a gift to Rivers Philip – home court. The shirt men and women have.
“Fight for L.A..” Is the former San Diego team market slogan.

According to Losangeles media reports, lightning propaganda: “in order to express our gratitude to all the 2017 season season ticket holders will receive a blue jersey Philip Rivers home court. Yes, you can wear the Nike shirt when you see the lightning game at home!”
“This is the way in which Losangeles lightning shows you thanks.”
Two first round pick of the flame in the 2016 NHL draft pick, and another first round pick, defender Jacob Qichelongben season has been in the flame front.

At present, Keller’s goal is to join the coyotes for the rest of the season. The coyotes this season only seven regular season games, Keller in the seven game attendance will not be counted as a breach of contract (because Keller is under 20 years of age, he needs to play nine games to be in violation of the treaty).

A statement said the coyotes general manager John Chaika released in the team: “we are very pleased to sign Clayton, he is a mature technology, good physical fitness is a strong striker, a slider, a powerful hand shot and a good sense of ball.” We are excited to sign Clayton and finish the season with him.”

Earlier in San Diego, lightning also have used similar ways to enhance the popularity. But some San Diego fans still feel dissatisfied with different treatment.
From Twitter: “I bought 10 years of their season tickets, the best gift is a when they are ready to flee Losangeles send written ‘We’ re All In ‘shirt.”.
Anyway, blessed lightning.

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