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Defensive end / Texas cheap nfl jerseys online University school students team

In my high school career at the end of all kinds of people come to me, I sell them to my university.

“To tell you the truth, what do you think of your ideal university?”

The best admissions officer I’ve ever met, however, is not a coach or a manager.

“We have everything you want: the highest level of nfl jerseys wholesale competition, the best training facilities, and the best people.”

That’s my big sister, Brea. She was one of the greatest teachers in my life. She hopes I can choose Dezhou agricultural university.
“Meyers, I’m telling you, the community is great,” she said. “They’ll take care of you. At the same time, there is also close to home, you can always go home to see. Also, the education level is great – I love my lessons.”
Brea is two years older than I, is a member of the Dezhou Agricultural University Students of agricultural school track and field team team. Most of the time, she asked me to deal with college admissions. But one day, when I was about to make the final decision, she began to recommend me to her university on the phone. What impressed me most was that she did not like me as a recruiting officer, but simply told me what the school looked like.

“To tell you the truth, what do you think of your ideal school?”

I was sitting at home in the kitchen, thinking about what she said, I made a decision to become a Aggie.

Three years later, I can say for sure that she is right.

There is an old saying to describe the life of College Station[: “look from the outside, not its solution; from the inside out, it is difficult to say.”
You’re right。 The most difficult thing to describe the Dezhou Agricultural University, people do not know where to start.

You see, everything in this university is related to the tradition of school. From the yells to the school’s Military Academy Program, and then to the so-called football team defense team, these are a tribute to the traditional school. They have profound implications for many people.

My favorite is “Aggie Spirit Walk”. Before every home game, the whole team went off the bus and went to the dressing room behind the cadets and the band. The band in front of us DaTouZhen, playing the best songs around the world, at the same time Yell Leaders is walking in front of us cheering for us. It was just a few hours before the game started, but the streets were packed with fans, who were shouting “WHOOP!” as we walked towards the stadium, raising our thumbs. The scene is very spectacular, just think of that cheap jerseys wholesale scene, let me excited.

I remember my first “Spirit Walk”, and at first I thought it was cool because there were a lot of fans going to the streets to cheer us on. As I moved on in my career, I began to look at it from a higher spiritual level. The importance of the “Spirit Walk” is not just that there are a lot of fans taking to the streets to cheer us up. It’s even more commendable that year after year, day after day, the same group of fans have been cheering for us.
In the past three years, with the help of “Spirit Walk” I have met many familiar faces. I started hugging people, not like before, and who will only waved hands. The children will come from the bottom of my trip rope and photo. I’m not only a part of the school team, it makes me feel deep. I belong to a large part of the collective.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize that the campus, the top training facilities, and even the long history of the school is not the most special thing Dezhou agricultural university. To be a Aggie is to be invisible. It is a profound thing.

To Dezhou Agricultural University, I have done is one of the most correct decision in this life, because it will lead me into a full hearted community of good people, I know they will always think of me, I will do the same for them.

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