Watt brothers meet patriots, cowboys and nfl jerseys wholesale other teams

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Randall Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)


JJ- Watt’s brother TJ- Watt is nfl jerseys wholesale one of the popular rookie in this session, because his brother made great achievements, TJ- Watt was given a certain look, from the draft day less than two months time, TJ- Watt has been meeting with NFL team, which has only a few the impact of the Super Bowl team expressed a strong interest in TJ- Watt.

TJ- Watt told reporters last week he has been with the Dallas cowboys and the new England patriots of communication, he also with the Detroit lions with each other through the channel, from the University of Wisconsin who said he would go to Dallas, and then visit the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins are the young man on the agenda.

TJ- Watt in JJ- Watt’s brother down is all these things to an old head on young shoulders, he described as business, NFL team optimistic about the impact from generalists, these teams want to him as an outside linebacker to look at, because the 2016 season TJ- Watt played outside linebacker TJ- Watt, but also can be used as a middle linebacker also or as a defensive attack position.

It’s hard not to think of all the things I’ll miss when I say goodbye to Aggieland.

I’m going to miss the coach of Sumlin. When I need him, his door is always open to me. I will never forget that – in high school against South Grand Prairie high school – he took a helicopter to see my game, I looked up at his helicopter, almost missed a file. Of course, it was a deep impression on me. Dezhou Agricultural University is a big ship, and Sumlin coach has been trying to make the ship sailing in the right direction.

I’ll miss the Chavis coach. He showed great enthusiasm for his work. What impressed me most cheap nfl jerseys wholesale online was that he had been trying to turn his players into mature men. He taught us not only to be a leader on the pitch, but even more so in peacetime. He taught us the importance of trusting his teammates and winning the trust of his teammates. He demonstrated the importance of winning to us, but also let us understand, you win some.you lose some, it doesn’t mean you can lose your character and dignity. Chavis coach asks us to face the challenges of life more important than football. Strive to be worthy of the standard set by him, this is my biggest test in the days of College Station.
I’m going to take the next step in my football career and I really hope I can make him proud of me.

Of course, I will miss my brother Daeshon Hall. In the past few years, the two of us have grown up together.

When we all wear armor, we only care about competition. But as long as one end of the training, we will smile, and then decided to go to lunch or go to play electronic games. Full of brotherhood.

Atlanta Falcon veteran veteran
Atlanta falcons veteran Chris Chester opted to retire at the end of the two season cheap authentic jerseys as Atlanta’s starting offensive guard, propped up a steel protective wall for the team, and now the Falcon’s meritorious veteran ended his 11 years of occupation career.

Chester 34 year old, he spent his 11 years of occupation career at Atlanta falcons, Baltimore and Washington, he was the Baltimore team crow overall pick in the second round of 56 in 2006, occupation career has played 169 games, starting 143 games, is the strength of a non strong offensive players often in. The two season of the Atlanta falcons he had in 32 games at right guard position, including 3 playoff games without exception, starting this year, the Super Bowl appearances.

Chester played 8929 times the number of files, in the last six years he average each season to play 1034 times, from 2011 to 2016, Chester has never missed a game, even in the period from 2015 to 2016 he had shoulder surgery.

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