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The law suggests that the lion will take the fifty-third Super Bowl

A new week of “senior black” again this week, but does not provide luxurious dinner, a meal or you ready, please enjoy:

After the frenzied time before the opening of the free agent market last week, the transfer market is quiet this week, more of which turn the oral agreement into a contract.

First of all, we want to congratulate the quarterback, Kirk koxings and the Minnesota Vikings, for signing a 3 year, 84 million full guarantee contract, becoming the highest paid player in the history of NFL. It is natural that he is lucky to do it before someone finds out that he is not so good.

Cousins is driving a banknote to Minnesota? Wit full score!

Secondly, we would like to congratulate the quarterback Sam Bradford safely with the Arizona Cardinals formally completed the signing. 2 years and 20 million, the contract to guarantee the amount of 15 million of the injury, he is also a comparative insurance contract. After some of the rumors that Bradford have an ulterior motive in the contract when the rotator cuff tear leads to the season, we strongly condemn such false reports, because Bradford is always the season will invent imaginary false news like this, it is irresponsible!

Compared to contract their quarterback running back, they received some shabby. Its 49 main Jinshan Carlos – Hyde 3 years 15 million joined Cleveland Brown, an average of 5 million of annual salary in the running back has the best. Although haid has said Cleveland bad in social media, I think the generous Brown fans will not have any prejudice against him.

While the old run Weile Garrett Blount once again signed a one-year contract, $4 million 500 thousand to the Detroit lions, to continue his wandering life. Compared to the size of the contract, it is more concerned about which lucky team can bring it to his team. From the new England Patriots to the Philadelphia eagle, Blount won the super bowl for two years in a row. Detroit fans, are you ready?

As the first wave of the transfer market is coming back, people’s attention will turn to the show. nfl jerseys china Before the next month at the end of the draft comes, we can not find the fun? No, for the fans to have a holiday to celebrate a week. For example, last week we were just celebrating the March 13th New York giants day.

(Note: the 2017 season giant’s regular season 3 wins 13 negative)

This week we came to the kkansas Sheikh in March 21st.

(Note: the chief of the 2017 season American League wild card race ruined 21-3 lead)

Pinch the finger. Is March 28th not the next Wednesday? There is a holiday every week.

But the festival is always limited, in addition to pay attention to our news and the public number, what method still can send a long period of time? This recommendation a prescription – to open the Dallas cowboys to all the fans forum, post: “over the past 20 years, 4 beautiful playoff victory!” It doesn’t matter if the number of domestic cowboy fans is too small. Go to a foreign cowboy fan forum, they are the American team, the number of fans is absolutely great! Then write: “Nice 4 playoff wins in the last 20 years”. Then the enthusiastic cowboy fans will correct you. They have nike nfl jerseys only won 2 playoffs in 20 years, and all you need to do is to enjoy their heated discussions.

In return, we will give the cowboy fans a special folding chair.

Warning: when the pressure is pressed, it will collapse!

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