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NFL 2018 season 100 stars are more open!
Year after year, the end of the draft convention has come to check the time of the 100 stars. In the morning of May 1st Beijing time, NFL Network compiled the list of the annual 100 big stars in accordance with the usual practice. Our old driver also brought the 91-100 top 100 stars in NFL. Today’s list of the biggest winners of the Green Bay Packer on the list, the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia hawk also has two people in the list, and the annual salary of Kirk – Kirk cosis was ranked 94! There’s a horse in this! Let’s take a look at players from 100th to ninety-first today.
N0.100 ha ha – Clinton – Dix Green Bay Packer jersey sale safety guard
Last season rankings: 77
Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! This is Clinton Dix’s nickname. It sounds very cordial. The 2017 season’s Green Bay Packer, because Aaron – Rodgers’s injury seemed a bit sluggish, and the second line was leaking, but it did not cover the light of HA – Clinton – Dick. The Alabama security guard has not missed any game in the past 4 years since he took over in the seventh week of the rookie season. Clinton Dix completed 3 intercepting and 65 independent tackles last season, with second consecutive career goals.
NO.99 Doug – Baldwin Seattle Sea Hawk jersey
Last season rankings: 88
The 2017 season is the seventh NFL season of Doug Baldwin. Baldwin has won the respect from an unsuccessful rookie to the top of the Sea Hawk. When we watched the Baldwin game, we could see his passion, and he was gradually becoming the best player in the league. Last season, Baldwin was only 9 yards away from its third consecutive 1000 yards season, but the number of players receiving the ball was one more than that of the 2016 season. Like Clinton Dix, Baldwin’s data decline is also affected by the team’s overall poor performance. From 88 to 99, dropping 11 cheap jerseys china places does not mean that Baldwin has started to go downhill. Instead, Baldwin is an important part of the new season.
NO.98 C.J. Mosley Baltimore Raven line guard
Last season’s ranking: no
In 2014, the Raven took Mosley to Baltimore with the first round of signing. Since then, the Raven’s line guards have grown along the best path that fans have imagined for him. In the first year of his career, Mosley became the first talent bowl in the history of the team. After Mosley, after a short injury in the 2016 season, the 2017 season broke out and 133 captured a career record. In addition to the 1 capture and killing of 2 times, the dolphin Mosley had a record of 40 yards. It’s an amazing alliance.

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