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The president’s face saved the face?

The absence of a digital star does not obstruct the hawk from the White House

Last Super Bowl champion, new England patriot visits the White House

Tencent sports news White House formally invited the fifty-second Super Bowl champion jerseys – the Philadelphia hawks to the White House. The visit to the White House has always been the tradition of past Super Bowl Champions, but the question now is whether the Hawks will go to the White House.

The White House said on Thursday afternoon local time: “President Trump is looking forward to the Philadelphia hawks coming to the White House in June 5th and celebrating the Super Bowl they have won this year in the White House.”

The Hawks seem to have accepted the invitation because there are reports that they are preparing for a trip to Washington, including the visit to the White House in June 5th.

However, several important players have made it clear that they are not going to see Trump. Among them are Tori Smith, the defensive player jerseys, Chris Chris, Malcolm Malcolm and Jenkins.

The last team to make it clear to see Trump was the Jinzhou warriors, and the White House withdrew their invitation to the warriors after the warriors’ star Steve – Currie said he would not go to the White House. So, judging by the attitude of some hawks, even if the Hawks visit the white house next month, it will not be a full attendance.

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