The prospects for the development of rugby in China?

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Rugby World Cup trophy tour Beijing Railway Station: Rugby glory to the Great Wall

The 2019 Rugby World Cup trophy tour ended the end of the week’s visit to Beijing on the Great Wall. As the sixth station for the tour, the world cup, the Weber Ellis cup, visited Tsinghua, Beijing eleven school, the China Agricultural University, and the Get into Rugby in the Great Wall.

The tour is designed to attract and inspire the enthusiasm of new and old fans and players. Hundreds of students have been in close contact with the trophy this week with the Webber Ellis cup visit to the Tsinghua University’s secondary school and the eleven school in Beijing. In collaboration with the Chinese Rugby society, the tour provides students with an opportunity to understand rugby and to experience the spirit of rugby. Students also experience Rugby sports with former Chinese national team members Li Yang and Han Xiaolong. In the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua University, the trophy tour was also warmly welcomed by Mr. Wang Dian Jun, the president of the world middle school league and China branch.

The Rugby World Cup trophy tour lasted two years and will visit 18 countries to preheat the 2019 Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan. Beijing is the sixth stop of the tour, which will go to some of the more mature countries of rugby, as well as young countries, and will support Impact Beyond for Asia’s 2019 World Cup heritage project. The aim of the project is to attract and train 1 million Rugby fans and inject new blood into football.

“This is a time for the world football world to be excited about,” said Brett Gosper, chief executive of the world football federation, on the 2019 Rugby World Cup tour of China. “As the sport continues to touch and attract new generation of young viewers, the number of football players and fans is increasing year by year. The popularity of this sport has been developing rapidly in Asia jerseys, especially China, which provides great opportunities for the development of rugby. A study by Nelson showed that more than 33 million fans in China expressed interest or interest in football. We look forward to working closely with the relevant departments to further promote the development of Chinese Rugby in terms of structure and facilities.

“The 2019 Rugby World Cup was held in Asia for the first time. It was an opportunity for the promotion of the popularity of the Asian Rugby movement, and the Webb Ellis cup was taken to the Great Wall as a sign of the scope and scope of the movement. We are pleased to see the legacy of the Rugby World Cup, Impact Beyond, which has had a positive impact on the region, and more than 500000 participants have completed their Rugby experience, which is part of the ‘Asia 1 Million (Asia one million)’ grand plan. ”

In June 1st, the trophy tour arrived at the China jerseys Agricultural University. China Agricultural University is the birthplace of Chinese Rugby. In 1990, Professor Cao Xihuang of China Agricultural University introduced Rugby to China and established China’s first rugby team. The Weber Ellis cup is exhibited with the rugby jerseys ? souvenirs of China Agricultural University. The exhibition was warmly welcomed by Zhang Jianhua, vice president of China Agricultural University, Du Songpeng, chairman of the Beijing University Student Sports Association and former Chinese national football team coach Zheng Hongjun. The former Chinese national team members, including Zhang Zhiqiang, Zhu Peihou, Xu Hui, Li Shufeng, and other former Chinese national team members, made a performance match with the Chaoyang Sports School in the Nongda stadium. Although the average age is over 39.5, the Nongda old boys team has won the Chaoyang Sports School with many years of experience.

Liu Chenglong, Secretary General of the China Rugby Association, said, “I am delighted to see the Weber Ellis Cup coming to China again. The 2019 Rugby World Cup trophy tour is a great opportunity to show Chinese football and Rugby World Cup matches. We expect that the next year’s Rugby World Cup is going to present a hearty feast for Asia. ”

Following Beijing, the 2019 Rugby World Cup trophy tour will be held in Philippines and India in seven or eight. The tour will inspire Rugby fans in the world and enhance the participation of fans in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

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