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NFL champion substitute was chosen by MLB or emulate Wilson to continue his college Rugby career.

At the just ended MLB American League Baseball League jerseys 2018 amateur show conference, the ninth – handed Oakland sportsman chose the Kyler Murray of the “amphibious” player of the quarterback / outfielder at the University of Oklahoma. The successor to the quarterback’s position after leaving school is likely to be the most important choice for the future of life, which is likely to be the top of the NFL draft Baker Mayfield.

According to the draft rules of MLB, Murray can get a signing fee of about 4 million 760 thousand dollars after ninth being selected. Before the draft, Murray also indicated that if he had enough signing money, he would be willing to complete the contract with his team. And according to the rules of the NCAA, NCAA allows college athletes to enter professional baseball consortium and accept signing gold while keeping their amateur players on rugby. In other words, Murray can choose to sign a contract with a sportsman while staying at University of Oklahoma to play rugby. In addition, he can retain his qualification to receive scholarships at school. The last football player who benefited from this rule was Russell Wilson, now quarterback of Seattle Haiying. Murray needs to decide whether he will sign a contract with his Oakland sportsman by July 13th.

Keller – Murray began the “amphibious” football and baseball in high school. In the 3 year high school football career Murray left 10386 yards of passing 117 passes and 69 balls. Murray’s high gloss performance in high school court won the “5 star quarterback” evaluation. But his 1 – meter – 78 height became his greatest weakness, but his flexible footsteps and arms, as well as his passing in his pockets and jerseys pockets, left a deep impression on the scouts. So in 2015, after graduating from high school, Murray chose to follow his father’s footsteps and choose to enter Texas A&M University.

In most of the 2017 season, Murray replaced Mayfield as a substitute. But after Mayfield was put on the bench in November for abusive opponents to University of Kansas, Murray came out as the first quarterback in November 25th at West Virginia University in the University of Oklahoma. In the first offensive of Oklahoma, Murray finished a 66 yard reading option running ball, which opened a prelude to the next 28 points. Murray’s performance in the limited time and his style made the 20 – year-old quarterback become the successor to Mayfield’s departure from school. His pass efficiency and passing accuracy let the school scouts think he would seamlessly connect with the Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley’s air strike system. And the rise of Mayfield in the NFL draft this year has a lot to do with the 2015 season when Riley arrived in Oklahoma as an offensive team coach. Although Murray’s 1 – meter – 78 height makes the Scout think his NFL prospects are not clear, and Murray still hasn’t played a whole season of college football with the main force. But Mayfield said in an interview earlier: “Murray can break all my records. He can be a rugby star in NCAA jerseys sales.

Whether the amphibious University star will sign up for a professional baseball game with the Oakland sportsman, he will play at the University of Oklahoma in the 2018 season as a quarterback.

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