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Beyond Zhu Zhu, the 21 year old NFL became the youngest 1500 yard catcher.


Last Sunday’s Pittsburgh Steelers’match against Cleveland Brown was not only a key battle on the way to the seventh Super Bowl championship in the history of the Steelers, but also a record-breaking match for second-year outsider Zhu Smith Schuster: Zhu Zhu became the youngest in NFL history to reach 1500 yards after winning Brown. The outer hand.

Zhu Zhu’s age is much younger than other young people who unlocked 1500 yards: 21 years old and 340 days old. You know, Larry Fitzgerald, the famous Cardinals, broke through 1500 yards when he was 22 years old and 74 days old, and used 25 games, but Zhu only used 21 games!

Despite breaking the record, Zhu Zhu was not satisfied with the match. He only got 33 yards in 4 times, and the whole nfl game jerseys was not too bright. Despite his low form, Zhu Zhu’s overall performance this season is reassuring: 46 receptions, tied with teammate Antonio Brown in the 14th place in the catching list; 594 receivers, ranked 16th in the number list, which seems to be a modest achievement, but the Steelers took the first round off week, that is to say, Zhu Zhubi ranked first. The contestants are short of a match.

Last year’s rookie season, Zhu Zhu became famous in the 8th week’s game against the lion: he received 193 yards seven times in the game, including a 97 yard return with four astonishing players. But Zhu Zhu didn’t get 594 yards until the 12th match, and only 46 catches in the 15th week. Last season’s final score was set at 917 yards in 58 catches. Up to now, Zhu Zhu has played only seven matches this season, and has received more than 100 yards in four matches, which is better than last year’s performance. The second grade magic spell has not appeared on him. If this goes on, Zhu Zhu may get at least 105 catches and 1358 yards at the end of the season.

So what is the gap between Zhu Zhu and Jerry lis, the best foreign nfl player jerseys sale in history? Zhu Zhu’s average number of catches is 4.95. He needs 292 matches to catch up with Jerry Rice. Zhu’s average number of catches is 71.95. It takes 297 matches to catch up with Jerry Rice, that is to say, it takes at least 18 years!

We don’t know how high Zhu-Smith Schuster’s career will be in the future, but it’s certain that this young man will bring more happiness to the stadium: coquettish dancing and more flattering celebrations.

This season, the Steelers came to the top of the North America Division even though they had a bad start. They are still the strong competitors of the Super Bowl. Whether the Steelers have the chance to win the championship or not, Zhu Zhu’s condition will have a great influence. The next round of the “Raven War” against the Baltimore Ravens will see Zhu Zhu-Smith Schuster pull out his shirt. What kind of performance.

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