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At 9:20 a.m. Beijing time on November 12, the 10th round of the NFL Sunday Night Competition started in Philadelphia. The defending champion Eagles played against the Dallas Cowboys at home. After the London Bowl’s victory over Jacksonville Jaguars, the Eagles urgently need a victory to maintain the momentum of ascension. In the next eight weeks, the Eagles will usher in a cruel tournament, which will involve five civil wars in the East, in addition to the two leading saints and Texans in the division. Now, let’s take a look at the Sunday night competition cowboy VS Eagles jerseys.

Cowboys are not good at attacking, but their defense is not fun. The Hawks may encounter tough resistance on weekends. At the end of the 9 round of competition, the cowboy yard passes 217.1 yards in the air and ranks fifth in the league. Eagles quarterback Carson Wintz is still recovering his passing touch last season. The team’s average passing pushes 260.2 yards to 14th in the league. At the other end, the Eagle’s passing defense ranks 8th from bottom in the league. The second line of defense looks very struggling, but the good news is that the cowboy’s passing offense is worse, Dako Prescott Ben. The season is like falling into an ice cellar, with only 188.4 yards to go out, and the league’s countdown to third.

On the ground offensive side, Jay Ajay, the eagle’s runner-in-chief, is irreparable. Fortunately, Jamal Adams can stand up in time. In addition, if not unexpectedly, Darren Sprolls, the “Old Flying Mouse” will be back this week, so the team’s road offense should be improved. The Cowboys’pavement defense ranges 99.6 yards, ranking tenth in the league, and are indestructible under the guards of Shawn Lee, Damian Wilson and Jay Smith. On the other hand, the cowboy runners led by Izekiel Elliott can continuously rush out of yards, averaging 128.8 yards per game, ranking sixth in the league. Elliott has won the show by killing 680 yards 3 in eight games. However, the eagles do not have to worry, we all know the root of the league in the Eastern District, their road defense only lost an average of 83.8 yards per game, which ranks second in the league.

Laurence VS injured by Ryan Johnson

Hawks attacking front right-winger Ryan Johnson resumed training this week and is likely to compete,nfl jerseys china but if the Hawks choose to hide him in the snow, it is not surprising that even if he is allowed to play, it will not guarantee 100% of his condition. If Johnson continues to hang up the free cards, he will face the shock of Laurence. Waitai has been in trouble this year, and Lawrence has been captured 6.5 times. Who will the Hawks use or how to resist Lawrence’s impact? This showdown is worth looking forward to.

Gordon Tate debut

In order to improve the team’s skilled players, the Eagles traded the lion outside Gordon Tatt before the trade deadline. Tatt has received the ball over 1000 yards for two consecutive years, and is heading for his third 1000 yard season. Earlier in the season, Tate had played a career-best match for the lion and the cowboys, pushing 132 yards to two. This week, Tate will make his debut at his new club.

Could this be Jason Garrett’s farewell war?

Cowboys coach Jason Garnett has been on pins and needles recently, and the team’s poor performance has made fans more and more vocal about “change”. If losing to the Hawks in the tenth week meant that the Cowboys would be 3-6, basically saying goodbye to the playoffs, then it might be time for Garnett to finish. “I’m only focused on making our team play better,” Garrett said, adding that his career record was 70-58 from 3-5 this season. “We’ll learn from last Monday’s game and look to Philadelphia Eagles jerseys.” Although the owner Jerry Jones also said that he would not consider changing his head for the time being, it seems that there is nothing impossible for him, an old fox in the mall.

The East China Civil War has always been fierce. At present, the Washington Red Skin leads the race with 5-3, and the 4-4 Eagles hopes to bite the Red Skin with a victory. At the same time, he also kicks the Dallas Cowboys jerseys behind him 3-5 to the abyss thoroughly. The cowboy coach Jason Garrett is fighting for the playoffs, and will fight to keep the table. As the season progresses to the second half, every game is very important. Whose hand the deer died will not be separated from you in the morning of November 12, Beijing time.

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