2020 NFL draft breaks jerseys sales record on second day

By • Apr 27th, 2020 • Category: wholesale jerseys news

The second day of the 2020 NFL Draft breaks its own ratings and online Jerseys sales record


After the first day of the 2020 NFL draft, the next day’s ratings (2-3 rounds) also set a new rating record.

On Friday night, when the draft was broadcast live, 8.2 million people watched it on average, which is also the best viewing record of 2-3 rounds of NFL Draft over the years. Last year’s growth was 40%. The peak viewing time came from 8:30-8:45 p.m. EDT, and more than 10 million viewers watched the live broadcast.

According to statistics, the top six viewing areas are Cleveland (9.5 million), Atlanta (8.8 million), Kansas City (8.6 million), Columbus, Ohio (8.4 million), Milwaukee and Philadelphia (8.3 million).

In addition, the charity event “draft-a-thon” also received more than 4.5 million viewers.

In this year’s draft before the start of the outside take over position has been concerned.

“It’s a great pick-up,” said hawk general manager Howie Roseman after he picked reggaer. “There are many different styles of players nfl jerseys.”

Although the depth of taking over this year’s draft has been expected, it is still impressive that so many people have been selected in the first two rounds.

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