List of Privileged Players’ Jerseys Labels

By • Mar 12th, 2021 • Category: nfl jerseys news

March 9 is the deadline for all teams in the League to use the privilege or transition tags for players. This year, 10 players have been used by their teams with the privilege tag.


Chris Godwin jersey, a pirate outside Tampa Bay Buccaneers: the defending champion Buccaneers use the non exclusive privilege label for Godwin. Godwin, who was selected as a professional bowl in 2019, took over 65 goals in the regular season last season and reached 840 yards and 7 times, and 232 yards and 1 in 16 catches in the playoffs. He will receive $15.583 million in the new season.

Allen Robinson, Chicago’s outsider: bears use the non exclusive privilege label for the star’s offshoot. If bears don’t use the privilege tag, Robinson could have been one of the best takeovers in the free agent market this year. Now he will get $18million in salary.

Washington football team guard Brandon scherff: Washington used the label of non exclusive privilege to shelfe for the second consecutive year. 29 year old Serge is currently negotiating with the team to sign a long term. Last season, shelfe paid $15.53 million, while his salary this year would be $18.36 million.

Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos security: Broncos used the non exclusive privilege label for Simmons for the second year in a row. But the two sides are also negotiating the agreement of the president. George Barton, the general manager of Broncos, called the decision to use the privilege tag a walk through. But if the two sides finally fail to reach a consensus, Simmons will receive $13.7292 million in salary.

Marcus Williams, Saint security, New Orleans saints jerseys cheap who have already paid much more than the cap unexpectedly use the non exclusive privilege label for Williams. Williams started 60 games in four seasons for the saints. His salary will be $10.61 million.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback dak Prescott jerseys: Although both sides have agreed to sign a long contract, cowboys still use exclusive privilege labels on Prescott. The cowboy’s decision makes it difficult for them or any team to use the privilege label for Prescott in the future, which satisfies the wishes of Prescott.

Several players who had been closely watched for the use of privilege tags, including Green Bay Packers runner Aaron Jones jersey and Los Angeles Chargers near head hunter Henry, were not finally using the label. This means that unless their teams can complete their renewal in time before the free players market opens, they will enter the market.

Teams will be able to sign a long term with the privileged label players by mid July at the latest.

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