NBA and NFL Super League Cheerleading scandal?

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The cheerleading teams of NBA and NFL Super League used to be the “soft porn” culture in the United States.


Cheerleading on the court, the “soft porn” culture in the United States.

Recently, a well-known sports columnist, shalise Manza young, published a paper, which has aroused wide attention abroad. The article describes the distressing popular culture of University of Southern California singers. For the moment, we can understand it as “soft pornographic” culture.

Last Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published Ryan caljay’s survey of the decadent culture of the famous dance team “songgirls” at the University of Southern California.

The survey tells the story of some American National Football League, NFL, Washington cheerleaders who were abused. The author sat down and said that these young women nfl jerseys china were betrayed by adults who should have cared about their own happiness.

Ten girls who used to work in cheerleading teams told kartje about their experiences with singing girls. They were obsessed with their weight and eating habits. Even when they didn’t perform or show up, they had to make up all the time and feel ashamed of their experiences.

Cause: the University of Southern California cheerleading scandal.

There are also many cheerleading teams composed of students in USC, including song girls, USC yell, spirit leaders, etc. cheap basketball jerseys coach Lori Nelson has been exposed to assaulting several cheerleaders, and campus gynecologists have been accused of sexually abusing hundreds of patients; The school touts many rich second-generation athletes to make them look more like sports stars, so that they can get a place through the “side door” of athlete enrollment

Of course, the cheerleading culture in the United States has improved, and more celebrities have come forward to safeguard the rights of women groups, but behind the prosperity is a chicken feather.

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