2021 NFL new season schedule!

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Can Mahomes make a comeback in the new 2021 NFL season?


The Kansas City chiefs is undoubtedly one of the most watched teams in the league, and their most important game in the regular season is against Buffalo Bills in the fifth week. This game may decide which of the two teams can represent the American League Championship and stand on the stage of the 56th Super Bowl. The chiefs still has one of the best quarterbacks in the League: Patrick Mahomes jersey, which is their biggest reliance for two consecutive super bowl games. Although the chiefs lost to the pirates last season, it was mainly because they lacked two starting offensive interceptors in the super bowl. In the new season, after signing Joe tooney, the chiefs team has basically maintained the original style and strengthened the attack line. In short, as long as Mahomes remains healthy, the Kansas City chiefs jerseys will remain one of the biggest favourites to win the super bowl.

Like the Emirates, bills is back in the new season. They not only retained Matt Milano, Daryl Williams and Jon Feliciano, but also introduced Emmanuel Sanders to further improve their passing ability. Bills performance in the new season depends largely on Josh Allen’s right arm. The 24-year-old broke out in his third season, throwing 4544 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, continuing the trend of his early career. It’s a good thing for bills if Allen performs better in 2021, but what they need most is that Allen doesn’t repeat Goff’s mistakes. Goff’s fourth season is a disaster.

In addition, the western division of the foreign League will be the most competitive division in the new season. Any one of the four teams has a chance to win the division championship. If Seattle Seahawks trade Russell Wilson, things will obviously change dramatically. It is reported that Russell is dissatisfied with his influence in the team, while the Chicago Bears are eager to get Wilson, and even put three first round draft rights on the table. Seattle’s rejection of the offers seems to indicate that they want the seven time professional to be the starting player of the season. Los Angeles Rams is to use Goff in exchange for Stafford, to upgrade the quarterback position. They also re signed Leonard Freud, but John Johnson and Troy Hill became free agents. In the worst case, the rams will win at least 10 of last season, and Stafford’s addition may raise their cap. The Arizona Cardinals are looking forward to Murray’s continued improvement and have recruited veteran A.J. green and J.J. watt jersey to expand their squad. Even the 6-win San Francisco 49ers jerseys can take a big step forward with a fully healthy George Kittel and a new quarterback.

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