Jets won’t change jerseys style

By • Oct 8th, 2022 • Category: nfl jerseys
Jets won't change jerseys style

The jet quarterback Zach Wilson missed three games due to his knee injury in the preseason, and this week finally came the time for him to return.
Wilson did not think about changing the style of the jersey: “I am fully recovered and will play in my own way. If someone rushes forward, I will avoid them and stay in my pocket for an extended time if necessary. I will play in the form of the jersey I should have.”
Wilson had no contact injury in the pre-season game. Robert Saleh, the coach, once criticized him for not choosing to run out of bounds. During Wilson’s absence, Joe Flacco started the game and led the team to win 1-2. However, during this period, the attack team only achieved 5 touchdowns in total.
The jet’s opponents this week were the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had an unusual ability to put pressure on the quarterback. But at present, the absence of T.J. Watt, the master pass setter of the Steelman, with a torn pectoral muscle may give Wilson more opportunities

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